16 Fancy Flats for When You Just Can’t With Heels

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Heels—who needs ’em, right? Why must we suffer through life, stomping (or should we say limping) around on needle-thin stiletto with little to no mercy for our poor, poor feet? Genuinely asking here, because it recently occurred to us that (brace yourself) we have options! Yes! Might we reintroduce you to the marvelous wonders of an actually comfortable shoe, aka flats. Let that simmer for a bit.

Okay, we know what you’re thinking: But what about when I have a fancy-pants event to go to? Flats just don’t cut it. Listen, THEY DO! A good flat shoe can be just as elegant and decorative as any heel. Don’t believe us? Scroll through for 16 designs that make the case for fancy flat footwear. You’ll find everything from crystal embellishments and ornamental brocade to silk ribbon and plush velvet.

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