30 Days of Deals: 20% Off Site Wide at Tatcha

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Geishas cracked the code to perfect skin centuries ago, somehow managing to maintain perfect complexions despite long, sweaty hours and layers of white makeup. Their secrets and rituals were the stuff of legends, almost lost to time. That is, until beauty expert Victoria Tsai started asking questions. Incorporating traditional Japanese ingredients and ancient geisha customs, Tsai used their “less is more” approach to create Tatcha – a line of luxurious, modern products based in 200 year old techniques. Drew Barrymore and Amy Adams are obsessed, and seriously, so are we.

Want to cop that geisha glow for the holidays? Look no further. For day 13 of our 30 Days of Deals, readers can snag some Tatcha at 20 percent off by entering code Salefashionscarf20 at checkout. Just don’t forget to try the Dewy Skin Mist. You’ll thank us later. 

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