5 Sweater-and-Skirt Combos That Will Make You Wish It Was Fall Year-Round

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Let’s not waste any more time wallowing about the end of fall and the start of winter (read our mini meltdown here). We need to be grown-ups, accept the inevitable, and savor every second of the present, aka the rest of sweater-and-skirt season before it becomes too cold and we’re forced to find insulation in tights or pants (or the comfort of our bed). 

So let’s get to it. As the perennial favorite, the sweater-and-skirt combo is as old as (insert something very old here), beloved for its easy-going nature, its insane versatility, and as a no-brainer solution for awkward in-between temps (am I too hot or too cold? This pairing addresses both). This season, experiment with new color pairings (we’re especially into spicy hues), maxed-out print clashes, and conversely, muted tonal shades. Find five sweater-skirt pairings, below. Shop them, wear one every day of the week, and then repeat. 

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