8 Ways to Transform Your Work Look Into a Holiday Party Outfit

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Oh joy, it’s the holiday season. The pros: Time off with the family, receiving gifts, and holiday parties with an open bar. The cons: Time off with the family, gift-giving, and figuring out what to wear to aforementioned parties. We’re addressing the latter today, because chances are, for the next two weeks, you probably have an obligatory post-work fete to attend (like you could really RSVP no without any consequences). 

And as much as you want to go home and pass out because you’re cramming all your work in before freedom, you know you can’t—not even a drive-by to change (because you know that innocent five minutes of shut-eye will turn into a two hour-long nap). The obvious and only answer? To transform your boring workwear basics with standout, party-ready accessories. A starburst brooch, beautiful embellished slides, an embroidered purse, and—poof—everyone will think you planned out your outfit days (if not weeks) in advance. 


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