This Easy Chic Evening Outfit Is a Stunner for a Winter Wedding

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A wedding, a gala, an awards ceremony, you name it—any time the dress code calls for anything other than a sweater, jeans, and your most insulated jacket (or lbh, your PJs), the act of putting together a publicly acceptable outfit becomes that much harder. Factor in subzero temps, and it turns into a near impossible feat. 

To start, don’t freak out or throw your hands up in defeat. First, be smart about your dress. It has to be elegant, like black tie-level elegant, and somehow keep you from freezing. Your best bet? A sophisticated knotted long-sleeve number blanketed in lush velvet. Then, distract others from knowing you actually found yourself a fancy version of a Snuggie with a mix of fun and sharp add-ons, like a tuxedo jacket, a cheery bag, floral drop earrings, and pom-adorned pumps. And scene. 

Shop the look: 1. Zara dress, $50; 2. Mango earrings, $20; 3. Diane von Furstenberg bucket bag, $200; 4. Topshop jacket, $110; 5. Jimmy Choo pumps, $895; 

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